Wally Elsherif Wanted More than Just the Normal Real Estate Broker Life, so He Created His Own Brokerage Instead.

Wally Elsherif Wanted More than Just the Normal Real Estate Broker Life, so He Created His Own Brokerage Instead.

Some people have to grow up much faster in life than your average child in an average family. This was the case for Wally Elsherif who, early on in his life, had to put his nose to the grindstone after his father passed away, leaving behind himself, his siblings, and his mom. 

“As a young child my father passed away leaving behind 5 children and a wife. My mother, older brother and I quickly realized making excuses, being a victim or not finding solutions to pay bills, keeping a roof over our head and buying food or clothing wasn’t an option. I learned from a young age that mindset, grit and consistency is really important to succeed in life,” Wally states.

As Wally details, this early life experience is what inspired Wally to get into business later in life and achieve success because he was already used to working day in and day out. Wally runs a real estate brokerage called WE’RE Real Estate as well as a Direct Mortgage Office called Momentum Mortgage. But that still isn’t it for Wally! He also runs a exotic car rental business called Driven Exotic Rentals.

Though Wally loved the real estate business, he knew that being an agent wasn’t for him, but rather running his own business. He wanted to use more of his skills than just finessing the buying and selling aspect.

“When I started in the real estate industry I never just wanted to be a Realtor, I wanted to start my own brokerage.  I have the technical skills and experience on running a business and that is what this industry lacked. Real estate Brokers/offices lacked training/developing agents as business owners. On the contrary Realtors are treated like employees and given the basics just to get by. They learn the basic seller/buyer scripts and are sent out in the field to hunt for their business instead of teaching them the foundation of business, systems, process and procedures,” Wally explains.

Going beyond his childhood which inspired Wally’s incredible mentality, he continues to differentiate himself from other businesses by getting people directly in the process, which ends up benefiting everyone.

“I develop business owners in Real estate vs. training Realtors. We teach how to incorporate yourself so you do not pay self employment tax, P&L management, Money Management (breaking down your income) savings, taxes, marketing, investing, bills and last spending. Also the pillars of business (Operations, production & Marketing), Lead acquisition, lead conversion and lead retention. We provide Leads, CRM, supplies all inclusive with our brokerage. WE’RE Real Estate is genuinely committed to ensuring all our agents are successful and keep all their money in their pocket,” Wally says.

Wally has big plans for the new yeah! These plans include opening up two new locations amongst many other things. Wally detail them below:

My projects include opening up 2 more WE’RE Real Estate offices, Go live on my Escrow company, Purchase and hold 3 investment properties, flip 20 homes and go live on my Exotic Car Rental business with 10 exotic cars.”

To find out more about Wally, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.