What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From a Tattoo Artist: Meet Joozy Tats

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From a Tattoo Artist: Meet Joozy Tats

Meet Sung Sik Shin, better known as Joozy on Instagram. Sung isa professional artist with cumulative experience in the art of tattoo design based in Seoul, South Korea.

Sung ever since an early age always had an affinity for art and painting. Later in his teenage years, he became interested in tattoos. Since then, Sung trained himself in the art of tattooing. With the right mindset he knew that this was what he wanted to do with his life. Sung started his tattoo career in his early 20s, and since then, always believed that he could engrave his own paintings onto other people’s bodies through tattoos. When he first started her career, he started as a member of a tattoo shop and gained the experience he needed to go her own path. For Sung, it was always his dream to become an entrepreneur, his own leader and with the end result of owning his own tattoo shop.

“Trying once is better than studying 10 times” and Sung lived by this saying regardless of how difficult it was to build his business from the ground up. Sung had to collect information and plan logistics by himself from beginning to end. Nevertheless, the end results were worth it and with the right mindset he materialized Joozy tats. With his parlor up and running, Sung has seven other artists training in the arts and teaching them all he knows. 

Now in 2022, Sung hopes to expand his reach to other clients, while focusing on perfecting his techniques in tattoos. Success is his goal and the better the results of the art he tattoos on other the more support he is able to garner. 

For more information on Sung, follow him on instagram @joozy_tats