When Jacen Bowman Had the Opportunity To Dedicate Himself To the Beauty Industry, He Did Not Think it Twice: Find Out Where He is Now

When Jacen Bowman Had the Opportunity To Dedicate Himself To the Beauty Industry, He Did Not Think it Twice: Find Out Where He is Now

Many times it has been heard that the first impression is the most important and in that sense, people not only have to be prepared intellectually but also physically. That is why there are professionals who help people to look and feel good.

Jacen Bowman is a celebrity makeup artist, who was born and raised in Philadelphia. He has quickly become one of the most dynamic and in-demand talents in the industry, which has resulted in many entertainment personalities turning to him for preparations for the most important moments in their careers. 

Jacen is the owner of Shades of Jacen LLC, which is a makeup and beauty business that provides makeup and beauty services for high-end clientele. 

“I also have an education program that helps teach new artists the skills they need to survive in the beauty industry. Our beauty services range from facials to laser treatments for hair and skin. We are the beauty authority for Philadelphia and the surrounding area,” says Jacen.

Jacen’s motivation to get into the industry was his mother. He used to see how hard she worked to provide for him and his siblings, and that was a driving force for him to make a living from his passion.

She created a daycare business called Almost Home, which provides daycare services and safe, transitional living space for foster children. Everything I learned about the business I learned from her. Then I took the plunge and took a chance on myself.” Jacen shares.

But today that motivation has changed a bit and what motivates Jacen is the lifestyle he has gained through his work and business.

I don’t have to wait for a long weekend to go shopping, travel, or relax. I don’t have to schedule my family time around my business. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to turn my passions into profits, while still helping people.” Jacen explains.

He first started working in the retail industry, but his passion for makeup and beauty started to grow. Jacen started to ask makeup artists a lot of questions and started to practice with his friends.

At one point, Jacen went to hair school with the thought of becoming a hairdresser and makeup artist but the pace of life between work and school made it very difficult. So he made the decision to leave school and get a better job, which he soon did in a cosmetics store where he earned twice what he earned in his previous job. 

When I was offered a job at a cosmetics store that paid double what I was already making, the problem was that the hours conflicted with my school schedule, so I made a decision and dropped out of school. Which was the best decision I ever made. I was made for the beauty side. And I was right.” Jacen states.

Everyone in life sooner or later faces different obstacles that they must overcome to continue on their path to success and Jacen’s life is no exception. 

I’ve always been overzealous and full of self-confidence. But there are times when self-doubt has crept in. The hardest thing is not starting a business, but maintaining it. Being a makeup artist means there will be a lot of long days that turn into long nights. You always run the risk of someone not being happy with your art. You are constantly evolving and in competition with your latest work. But keep going and see the light at the end of those days. The reward will be the impact you make on the person or people you work with. Being able to make another person look and feel good is the greatest accomplishment.” He shares.

Jacen is also a Beauty Contributor for FOX 29 WTXF. Good Day Philadelphia had his work featured in various publications which include Teen Vogue, Uptown Magazine, Vibe, Vibe Vixen, The Goods, and Nylon. He has worked with Lupita Nyong’o, Eve, Nene Leakes, and Tony Goldwyn to name a few.

He has also worked with several designers such as Thesepinklips, Patricia Fields,Gucci,Christian Dior and Badgley Mischka. 

Jacen has also worked as Lead Make up Artist for Oscar Nominated Film “I am Not Your Negro.” He’s worked for several cosmetic brands including MAC Cosmetics, Laura Geller, Smashbox and Kevyn Aucion. 

In the near future, Jacen is planning a line of products dedicated to skincare, in particular skincare problems that affect African Americans. He will also continue to grow his brand. Learn more here.