Where Many People Get Scammed, Shane SantaCroce’s Business Offers True Results and Tips for the Real Estate and Marketing World.

Where Many People Get Scammed, Shane SantaCroce’s  Business Offers True Results and Tips for the Real Estate and Marketing World.

Real estate is a difficult business to get involved in due to the amount of training, expertise, experience, and luck you need to get started. However, those who can conquer the business tend to reap the benefits. It can be a very volatile place with constant ups and downs. A group that specializes in real estate investment is Shane SantaCroce’s team.

Entering the real estate field just prior to the refinance boom in the early 2000’s, SantaCroce was fortunate enough to be provided an opportunity to build a title insurance sales team which led quickly to the mortgage industry. Within 24 months, the team was managing over 690 loan officers, doing over 80 million a month in origination fees.

What drives SantaCroce’s business is the understanding that many people do not understand this market, but rather just go with what people are telling them. This often leads the average customer down a dangerous path. This teams goal is to make sure that everyone is able to follow their dreams with the proper guidance to help get them there.

Their result oriented approach is based on their team foundation. Having a good team has helped the company accelerate in the business. Breaking into this business as a real estate professional without the proper guidance is extremely difficult. It is expensive, stressful, requires hard work, consistent commitment, and the ability to make tough decisions on a regular basis, which is why it is so crucial to have a good team to surround yourself with.

However, Shane SantaCroce’s business does more than just real estate. He also helps entrepreneurs with marketing and brand building to create businesses of their own. Helping business owners create their vision into a reality was something Shane SantaCroce thrived in. His team works hard taking a small business and bringing it to an enterprise level by implementing specific branding and process driven strategies.

Similar to real estate, his team realized that most of the clients they worked with didn’t understand marketing and sales processes. More importantly, they also did not understand how imperative it was that the two departments work together. The company aims to fix this misunderstanding by using their various techniques in brand building. 

Shane knew that the world of entrepreneurship was for him from early on in his life. Having been raised by a single mother with an addict father, he had undergone many struggles and decided to make it his life’s work to ensure that others didn’t have to do the same.

“As a teenager and young adult I had made many mistakes, which eventually landed me in trouble with the law. Once I started to grow in the corporate world, it became increasingly difficult to move into an executive position due to the mistakes I made as a teen.

This is really what pushed me into entrepreneurship. Understanding my value was the first step, so once I knew what I was worth I decided not to settle or be held back by anyone. I was given two books to read during a sales training course, Rich Dad Poor Dad and How to master the Art of Sales. These 2 books changed my mindset. Shortly after reading them I made the leap to “Make it Happen” on my own,” Shane states.

In the new year, the company is looking forward to continuing their work and helping others. In addition, in 2022, they have decided to focus on individuals that want to create a successful brand in the real estate industry to build generational wealth for themselves and/or their families. To find out more about Shane SantaCroce’s business, you can visit their website here.