With Day Trading, You Can Achieve Financial Freedom: Learn More From its Creator, Octavio Pozos

With Day Trading, You Can Achieve Financial Freedom: Learn More From its Creator, Octavio Pozos

Octavio Pozos is a stock broker and the creator and coiner of the skill Day Trading. He also runs an academy, Club Pro Traders, through which he teaches other people how to invest effectively and efficiently. 

Day Trading is characterized as a recession-proof skill that is highly competitive and has the following characteristics. Firstly–it is easy to start since it is only necessary to have an account with a broker.

You don’t have to be an expert in economics or have previous knowledge to acquire this skill.” Octavio explains.

Secondly–There is wide freedom because Day Trading is a skill that like other professions requires time for study and analysis. However, the person is free to apply this skill from anywhere in the world. The only thing required is an internet connection and a computer. 

Thirdly–Day Trading incurs low costs since the person can start investing with $100 and the commissions earned by the broker are even lower. And lastly–Day Trading offers high profitability.

A good risk management strategy and the right trading plan for you can multiply your capital significantly with leverage and compound interest.” Octavio adds.

After starting his career in the industry in 2017, Octavio became more and more involved and was surprised with what this industry can offer as he began to understand and learn what he needed to know.

Once you understand, it is like a game. In a month you can generate what a person who works 50 hours a week achieves in a year and you only need to use your head.” He says.

Octavio was motivated to enter this industry because of the freedom it offers. Financial freedom allows Octavio to spend time the way he wants to, while knowing that he is still making ends meet.

Many times we lose important or beautiful moments with our family or friends because we are working. The main point is to generate money to have more time to enjoy FREEDOM.” Octavio shares.

Octavio has an A-Z Trading System through which he gives people the possibility to copy his strategy in the trading industry. The system includes more than 144 educational videos to learn trading from scratch, including pattern manuals, risk and trading plan, book selection, weekly “Sunday Call” live classes, 24/7 private chat, private channels for analysis and news, and more.

The academy is the base. Here I teach them the exact strategy that has made me successful in the stock market. The reality is that of 10 students only four become profitable, and they are hired to work in our brokerage house. We fund them with up to 100,000 dollars each month, and then traders withdraw their profits and split 50% of profits with the house and 50% with the operator.” Octavio explains.

Currently, Octavio has offices in Mexico City and Cancun, where he brings traders to work in the brokerage house. There, they are given the opportunity not only to learn but also to have a job in a field where they can work.

Learn more about Octavio and what he does here.