With Phoenix Ecom, Jared Plotka is Helping Entrepreneurs Manage and Grow Their E-Commerce and Wholesale Businesses

With Phoenix Ecom, Jared Plotka is Helping Entrepreneurs Manage and Grow Their E-Commerce and Wholesale Businesses

Jared Plotka is the businessman behind Phoenix Ecom, which helps people create their own wholesale businesses, manage it and generate revenue from it. For providing these onboarding and management services, Jared gets a share of the profits.

With this business structure, Jared has been able to have his own wholesale and distribution company which essentially helped his clients make higher margins and allowed him to make even more money. This is a win-win scenario.

Motivated like many other people to make more money, Jared found the e-commerce industry a very easy way to generate wealth and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 

I had phone reselling businesses, dropshipping businesses, and many more. Through all of these businesses, I learned that the only thing that really limited me was access to more cash or credit. Finally, with my knowledge of e-commerce and understanding that I did have enough money to really profit, I decided that managing other stores was the best way to grow at a faster pace than I was already.” Jared explains.

With the decision already made, Jared took advantage of the valuable information provided by various YouTube channels that helped him learn things related to the e-commerce industry. In these videos, many people offered their products and services in an innovative way providing valuable information.

Most of the guys had a service or something they could offer to everyone that helped them generate tons of money from anywhere. I decided to take a similar path so my whole business model is simply mimicking what many people in the industry were already doing.” He adds.

Despite the road traveled and the successes achieved Jared considers that he is constantly learning so he is always in constant evolution. He is always finding areas of his work that can be improved. Accordingly, he does not see competition as something negative but rather as a tool that allows him to grow.

I also understand that there is always someone doing better, which means there is an opportunity to improve. So I look at my competition and imitate everything I like. It’s the competition that really allows me to grow and improve.” Jared states.

Through his career, Jared has been able to overcome many challenges. Among them was getting out of the fear mentality to spend money on ads and opening stores with a more personal presence. 

Jared’s previous businesses for many years was exclusively remote, so the shift to having an existing facility was a game changer. To overcome these obstacles, Jared drew on his mindset. 

It is very normal to have ups and downs when you are in a business that is constantly growing. It can be exciting, but in business there are always going to be things that go wrong. always. So it’s important to take a deep breath, solve the problems of the day and move on.” Jared says.

Looking ahead, Jared has many plans to expand his business and reach more customers and sales teams. About the future, he comments:

I’ve reached a point where Phoenix Rizing Inc. basically runs itself and I can focus on other avenues to improve that business in the meantime.”

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