Zach Deveney Always Had a Thing For Instagram: Now He Helps Others Grow Their Social Media Accounts To Market Their Products and Brands

Zach Deveney Always Had a Thing For Instagram: Now He Helps Others Grow Their Social Media Accounts To Market Their Products and Brands

We live in a world that advances at a fast and dizzying pace, where ideas can change a business or company overnight. More recently, social media has increasingly changed the world of business, exponentially giving much more value to ideas and new ways to market or grow a product, brand or company.

From an early age, Zach Deveney used Instagram very frequently to upload videos. Once he started to gain followers, despite never having intended to have followers, he started to make money with social networks. He is now the CEO of ZBD PROMOS DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY.

When I was 12 years old I started uploading videos frequently to Instagram and Vine and I started gaining followers very quickly. During this ‘golden age’ of social media it was very easy to grow your following once you had a little traction. I never intended to have followers or make money from social media. It just happened.” Zach shares.

As he watched his social media success grow, Zach started to create other Instagram accounts in the background. Some of these accounts were niche pages he leveraged to sell ads and use them as a tool for his business.

Soon after, Zach managed to build a network of contacts that led him to get a greater and important number of customers. Today, he is the CEO of a full-service digital marketing agency, ZBD PROMOS, that specializes in everything related to online marketing as well as social media without neglecting traditional marketing.

So far, Zach has worked with major companies such as Coca Cola, the NFL, Warner Bros, Netflix, Skydance, Interscope, Bad Boy Records, Fashionnova and many more. 

We offer a wide variety of services to our clients, from high budget marketing campaigns for major production companies or brands to song release campaigns for record labels, to simple e-commerce ads on social media. We offer a wide variety of advertising strategies as well as growth services across all social platforms.” Zach explains.

In the business world, it’s not just important to create the best possible and best quality product, if you don’t have an advertising plan or how to make people aware of the product, then you won’t get anywhere and marketing is precisely the solution to that situation.

Brands will always need marketing services, it’s a field that really provides real value to help businesses scale and grow. If you can’t get the word out about your brand, your product, your name or whatever it is you’re selling or hoping to achieve, how can you expect conversions or for people to know who you are or your product? Marketing plays an important role.” He adds.

Zach’s company is different from other digital marketing companies because all the work is done in-house, meaning they don’t outsource services to other companies. They can offer great work of unsurpassed quality at a cost that suits the needs of their clients. 

Many companies and marketing agencies outsource services to full-service agencies like mine and end up charging their clients three times as much in order to make money. With us, we offer everything in-house. I think another thing that really separates us is our ability to leverage our own social media. We have over 20 Instagram pages with over 15 million followers and 5 Snapchat pages with over 4 million subscribers. Having our own network allows us to reduce costs for our clients as well as run our own campaigns for our brands. Social media marketing services are the biggest thing outsourced in the industry today and people pay a lot of money, being able to leverage and have everything in house is huge.” Zach says.

For the remainder of the year Zach’s goal is to continue to scale his business and sign new clients. He is also looking to expand the staff and is looking for new young talent and interns to learn and join the team. 

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